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How to Choose a Web Design Firm


Choosing a web design firm can be a stressful task. Do you want a big firm that deals with a lot of clients? Or do you want the more intimate relationship that can come from a small design firm? There are advantages to both; but if you are a church, small business, or a higher education client, a small design firm can be exactly what you need. Here's why.


You don’t have to worry about jumping through hoops to get something accomplished with your project. With a large firm you will be assigned a customer account executive. This person will probably change on you 3 times in a few years. You will rarely have direct access to the team developing your site or even the company owners.

With Dios Media you are in direct contact with the lead person on the job. When signing up, Heidi will guide you through a simple process of selecting a package of services. Either Heidi or Kevin (often both) will also be there every step of the way as your new web site or branding materials is coordinated. We are always there to answer any question, or if you have a need we are always able to work with you.

It’s Practical

Large firms have the operating cost of paying staff members, rent on facilities and all of the secondary costs that come with being a big firm. They have to compensate somewhere. The most likely place will be your invoice.

With a large firm, you project will probably need to go through a sales representative then a project manager. Then, it will go to the various art directors, designers, photographers, and developers. That's a lot of overhead.

In contrast, as a small firm, Dios Media is not burdened with these expenditures. We only bring in extra developers when necessary, on a freelance basis. This keeps our costs down and ensures that you have the most talented group at your disposal. With most of our projects, only one person handles the construction. And this person includes the client on every step of the process.


At Dios Media we give all of our clients equal priority and we never take on more than we can handle. That means, if you are a small or new business, you receive the same attention as our clients that are established businesses. Our extraordinary commitment to our customers allows us to turn out jobs quickly, exceed expectations and meet budget and time constraints.

We know you have a vision for your web presence. You have a lot of choices on where to turn to make that happen. Shop around and find the best fit for your needs and budget. But don’t overlook the incentives of accountability, practicality and priority that only a small firm like Dios Media can deliver.

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