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Why We Can't Wait for Drupal 8

Posted on: July 28, 2015 - 10:23pm by Kevin Cobb

Countless marketers and IT managers are watching the technology horizon for the arrival of the next generation, future-proof CMS. We just can't wait for Drupal 8! Let's take a look at 6 primary updates and changes that will make you more excited about the coming of Drupal 8.

Content Authoring Experience

The Spark initiative was headed by the Acquia development team. They analyzed both proprietary and open source competitors to Drupal and worked hard to enhance the authoring experience. Drupal 8 now includes a fully configured CKEditor-powered WYSIWYG editor. In-place editing is also a feature out of the box. This feature allows you to click on any field within a piece of content and edit it right on the front-end of the site, without ever visiting the node edit page.

Mobile First Out of the Box

All themes are now responsive and automatically reflow elements like menus and blocks. Even new features, such as in-place editing, are designed to work on tiny screens. With responsive tables you can now decide which columns are important enough to show on smaller screens. And most importantly, the front-end performance has been given a major overhaul. Additionally, Drupal 8 offers a screen compatibility feature that allows developers can see the different size content on various screen sizes.


Drupal 8 auto-detects the language from your browser and then auto-selects that language on page load. And it does it with fewer core modules that Drupal 7 (compare thirty modules to just four in Drupal 8).

Site Building

Views, the most used contributed module, is now part of core. The idea of Blocks has received a major overhaul. To me Blocks were the biggest pain about D7, which is why I had to rethink my page layout method-- see My Drupal Site Building Workflow. In D8, the limitation of being about to place a block into only one region is gone. And now that Blocks are entities, you can build out block types just like you can with content types. This will allow site developers to be much more modular with their approach to site building.

Powerful Framework

Drupal 8 update supports powerful framework – Symfony 2 framework. Symfony is a PHP based framework that promotes rapid development of robust applications. This means developers need not waste time on repetitive code.

Super Flexible

The latest version of Drupal offers ultimate flexibility. This is something what developers never had with older versions. Developers can now build cleaner and leaner websites and also bring audience with features like build-in-audio, and video playback, using HTML5. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, a major focus for Drupal 8 has been to enable the creation of Drupal-backed mobile applications -read that again- and to facilitate cross-site communication. D8 accomplishes this with a native REST API provided by the RESTful Web Services suite of modules. These latest features will make Drupal 8 much wanted version for developers. And best of all, its free!

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